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J Korean Soc Ther Radiol > Volume 4(1); 1986 > Article
Journal of the Korean Society for Therapeutic Radiology 1986;4(1): 1-14.
The Combined Effect of Adriamycin and Imadiation on the Small Intestinal Villi of Mice
Seong Eon Hong, Chi Yul Ahn
Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Korea.
In order to clarify the effect of radiation on the mouse jejunal crypt cells by combined administration of adriamycin and radiation and also to evaluate the enhancing effect of adriamycin, the authors performed this study by delivering single irradiation of 1,000 to 1,600 rad to the whole abdomen of mice by cobalt-60 teletherapy unit. In combination with adriyamycin treatment groups, the drug was administered as single dose of 10 mg/kg either 2 hours before or 4 hours after graded single dose, 900 to 1,400 rad, of irradiation. The authors studied the quantitative changes of intestinal crypt cells by microcolony survival assay technique and the morphological changes of small intestinal villi by scanning electron microscope in mice following to combined therapy with adriamycin and irradiation. The average number of jejunal crypts per circumference was 130+/-6 in control group. The mean lethal dose(Do) of each irradiation alone and combined therapy groups 2 hours before and 4 hours after irradiation, were 160, 170, and 170 rad in cell survival curves, respectively. The dose effect factor(DEF) of adriamycin in each groups of pre-irradiation and post-irradiation were 1.19 and 1.26, respectively. The conical shaped villi were noted on 1,200 rad in irradiation alone group and 1,000 rad in combined groups. For the proper clinical application we must be careful of the radiation injury to small bowel when the anticancer chemotherapy and radiation injury to small bowel when the anticancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy to the abdomen and pelvic area are used as combined therapeutic modality.
Key Words: Radiation, Adriamycin, Jejunal crypt cells, Scanning electron microscopy
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