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J Korean Soc Ther Radiol > Volume 3(2); 1985 > Article
Journal of the Korean Society for Therapeutic Radiology 1985;3(2): 95-102.
The Results of Radiation Treatment in Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix
Myung Za Lee, Jung Jin Kim
Deparment of Radiation Therapy, College of Medicine.Han Yang University, Korea.
From July 1979 through March 1985, 112 patients with carcinoma of the uterine cervix were treated by whole pelvis irradiation and intracavitary radiation with Cs-37. The treatment consisted of 3600rad-200rad to the whole pelvis by parallel opposing portals, 5 days per week, 180-00rad per day. Parametrial boost with 400-00rad was given in 60 patients. 2 intracavitary Cs-37 radiation using TAO applicator were done with 7-0 days interval. Total treatment times were 40-5 days with average 52 days. Total dose of radiation to point A varied from 6820 to 10500rad with average 8388rad and to point B from 4850 to 6899rad with average 5898rad. All patients had follow up from 6 months to 75 months and median follow up of 31 months. 9(8%) had stage Ib, 14(12.5%) had stage IIa, 50(44.6%) had stage llb, 33(29.5%) had stage III, 6(5.4%) had stage IV. 110 patients had squamous cell carcinoma and 2 patients had adenocarcinoma. 5 year actuarial survival rates were 61.8% for the entire group, 84.6% for stage Ib, 77.8% for stage IIa, 56.7% for stage IIb, 60% for stage III, 33.3% for stage IV. RT dose to medial parametrium (point A) below 8000rad resulted in 7/18(38.9%) failure (=death) in contrast to 25/94 (26.5%) failure with dose over 800rad. RT dose to lateral parametrium (point B) below 6000rad yielded 20/63 (34.9%) failure compared to 10/49 (20.4%) failure with dose over 6000rad. Poor survival group of age were between 40-9 years with failure of 14/41 (34.1%). There was no increased failure rate below age of 40 with failure of 2/11 (13.9%). The results suggest that survival is as good as other published data, and that higher doses over 8000rad to point A and 6000rad to point B should be delivered.
Key Words: Carcinoma of the uterine cervix, Radiation treatment, TAO applicator, 5 year acturial survival rate
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