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J Korean Soc Ther Radiol > Volume 12(2); 1994 > Article
Journal of the Korean Society for Therapeutic Radiology 1994;12(2): 129-142.
Enhanced Radiosensitivity of Tumor Cells Treated with Vanadate in Vitro
Myung Za Lee, Won Young Lee
1Department of Therapeutic radiology, Hanyang University,College of Medicine, Korea.
2Department of Microbiology, Yonsei University, College of Medicine, Korea.
Intracellular ions which have a major role in cellular function have been reported to affect repair of radiation damage. Recently it has been reported that ouabain sensitizes A549 tumor cells hut not CCL-120 normal cells to radiation. Ouabain inhibits the Na+-K+-pump rapidly thus it increases intracellular Na concentration. Vanadate which is distributed extensively in almost all living organisms in known to be a Na+-K+-ATPase inhibitors. This study was performed to see any change in radiosensitivity of tumor cell by vanadate and any role of Na+-K+-ATPase in radiosensitization. Experiments have been carried out by pretreatment with vanadate in human cell line(A549, JMG) and mouse cell line(L1210, spleen). For the cell survival MTT assay was performed for A549 and JMG cell and trypan blue dye exclusion test for L120, and spleen cells. Measurements of Na+-K+-ATPase activity in control, vanadate treated cell, radiation treated cell (9 Gy for A549 and JMG, 2 Gy for L1201, spleen), and combined 10-6 M vanadate and radiation treated cells were done. The results were summarized as follows. 1. L1210 cell was most radiosensitive, and spleen cell and JMG cell were intermediate, and A549 cell was least radiosensitive. 2. Minimum or cytotoxicity was seen with vanadate below concentration of 10-6 M. 3. In A549 cells there was a little change in radiosensitivity with treatment of vanadate. However radiation sensitization was shown in low dose level of radiation i. E. 2-Gy. In JMG cells no change in radiosensitivity was noted. Both L1210 and spleen cell had radiosensitization but change was greater in tumor cell. 4. Na+-K+-ATPase activity was inhibited significantly in tumor cell by treatment of vanadate. 5. Radiation itself inhibited Na+-K+-ATPase activity of tumor cell with high Na+- K+-ATPase concention. Increase in radiosensitivity by vanadate was closely associated with original Na+-K+-ATPase contents. From the above results vanadate had little cytotoxicity and it sensitized tumor cells to radiation. Inhibitory effect of vanadate on Na+-K+-ATPase activity might be one of the contributing factors for radiosensitization to tumor cells which has greater enzyme activity than that of normal cell. It was suggested vanadate could be used as a potential radiosensitizer for tumor cells.
Key Words: Vanadate, Radiosensitizer, Na+-K+-ATPase
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